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September 18, 2010
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Nyx from Queens Blade OVA2 by moai666 Nyx from Queens Blade OVA2 by moai666

sorry, I'm write it with Japanese^^;
Yeah, Nyx appears again in OVA2!:love: awww... she's really hot~. Althoug the main character of this episode is Nowa and Alleyne, but for me Nyx is the best! :love: my love!

This is some good points in this OVA:
1. We can see true Nyx, when she isn't controlled by Funikura. real Nyx is really kind girl~ :meow: and I love Nyx's cooking scene too~. I want eat her soup!=D
2. Punishment scene of Nyx is harder than anime series~;p really hot! don't let your kids watch it!
3. in promo video Nyx fight with her red dress, but in this time, Funikura ripped her dress, so Nyx fight with underwear~=D love it! Thanks to Funikura-sama!
4. In ending theme Nyx looks really hot!;p and we can hear that she's really love Funikura.

Bad Points:
1. Nyx appears after 15 minute of this OVA (total about 30minute) ...WTF!
2. No story of Nyx past, especially about Ny's mother. In novel and manga version we can see Nyx sad past story... but in anime they totally ignore it! ...WTF again!
3. Nowa not too worried Nyx! in Novel version, we can see Nowa seriously try to save Nyx from Funikura's curse, but in this OVA Nowa totally forget about Nyx! Nowa isn't a girl like that ja~!...WTF once again.
4. We can see scene where Nyx jump to sea for help Funikura, and she ralize that she can't swim^^; what a stupid... no it's cute!:love: BUT this scene is only voices... Please make the picture too!

Well, that's all. I'm not 100%satisfied with this OVA, but still glad to see Nyx and she's still healthy=) Please support Nyx ja~
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1gothGRRL Mar 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
After watching Season 2 of the anime.Nyx has become my most favorite girl in the entire show. it also made me hate the living guts out of Elina and how much of a horrible bitch she is toward her. love Nyx~!
Yay=D I agreed with you!!
Love Nyx!:love: she will be a good bride jaaa=) because her hobby is cooking.
1gothGRRL Mar 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I want her to be my big sister. or my bride :love:
oh~ i just love Nyx~!
Yay=D Thanks very much~~~
I love Nyx toooooo~~~~ :love:
*bro fist* who can't love her? especially when her staff get all touchy! XD
haha=D yeah I agreed! tentacle play~~~!!
haha! dood, i can tell you have great taste! XD
AndrewRyan60 Sep 19, 2011
Awesome! Do you know where can I buy novel or read it on online? I tried to search and found nothing.
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