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Nyx Master of Flame x2

Yay. I'm back again ja.=)

Maybe this is one of my hardest work of Nyx. Hot Nyx in hot fire!=D with her red dress or without that. I love her red dress, but I love her underwear more than that ;p

Nyx looks very cool and sexy at same time, but actually she is a coward and masochist... :love:  this is one of the reason why I love her jaaaa. and of course i love Funikura-sama's tentacle! ;p

I always waiting for Nyx's new design in Queen's Blade Unlimited. I hope Nyx get better role and she has friend... and more figure of Nyx!!!!! Hobby Japan-sama, please jaaaaaa!!  orz

I hope you like Nyx too ja=) and please wait for my next works.
Kagerou Evelyn Boobs Expansion

Another pervert work of Evelyn from Kagerou: dark Side Princess (Deception IV: Blood Tie). ^^; Actually I doubt to submit it to DA but... I think everyone already know that I'm a pervert.

Evelyn is one of the enemy in this game. She know as a skilled magician but at same time she is  a pervert masochist girl... Yay! My type! ;p

If you want know more about this game or Evelyn, just search "影牢 イヴリン" in youtube... This is unique ryona game


In this manga, Evelyn come to hunt Laegrinna (protagonist of this game), but Evelyn didn't realize the trap in this room is curse of Boobs expansion... and this is the result. ^^; Tecmo need to make this trap int the game jaaaa.


Once again forgive me because I'm a pervert jaaaaa.

Kagerou Evelyn Golden Statue

トラップ悪ションゲーム、影牢に登場する敵女、ドМ魔術師のイヴリンたんをまた描きました。この娘、かなりのお気に入りキャラになりました。影牢がどんなゲームでイヴリンがどんなキャラか知らない人は動画サイトで「影牢 イヴリン」と書くといっぱい出てきます。



Another work for Evelyn, a female enemy from Kagerou (Deception 4) Dark side Princess. If you don't know about this game or evelyn, just search "影牢 イヴリン" in youtube, you will find so many ryona video of Evelyn ^^; Yes, Evelyn is a masochist pervert wizard.For some reason, remind me to Nyx...=p

In this game, we can "armor break" enemies. We can break their armor and make them fight with underwear.  I love this system jaaa=) and love Evelyn's underwear.

In this time, I try to draw new genre. Evelyn can use ice magic and freeze the player. I change that magic into golden seal magic. In the manga, Evelyn try to use this magic to her subordinate, but she failed and Evelyn turned herself to golden statue.

Forgiveme because I'm a pervert jaaa^^; I hope you like Evelyn too. btw in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, Honoka wears Evelyn's outfit.
Carol in Ken's Stage

Yay=)  Female zako series again.

Do you know about Ken's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2? This is Birthday party of Eliza (Ken's girlfriend). So many cameo characters on the back of this stage, include Morrigan. Felicia, Captain Commando, Strider Hiryu, etc. (I don't know this is just cosplayers or the real characters...^^;)

Many people asking about bikini bunny girl between Captain Commando and Strider Hiryu... Her true identity is still not clear... I found so many opinion about her... One of the theory is... She is Carol, a female zako from Captain Commando. Well, hair style, color, and bikini outfit looks similar to her... Okay, I don't care about the truth, =) this manga is what happened IF she is real Carol. Since she is a evil girl, I'm sure that she trying something in this party... ;p



Carol: Excuse me. I brought a roast beef and drinks.

(hehe, nobody realize about me. This is meat-like-bomb. If I set this bomb, my mission will be complete!)

*suddenly someone hit the meat

(this bomb will explode when hit a strong damage)

* the bomb explode and carol thrown into giant birthday cake.

Eliza: Wow, what a beautiful birthday cake! I love you , Ken.

(note: this is Eliza's first model in Street Fighter 2)


I hope you like it.=)


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Bali
Favourite cartoon character: Nyx (Queen's Blade), Carol & Brenda (Captain Commando)
Personal Quote: Jaaaa!!
Hi, everyone...
Just for information, I'm still alive jaaa ^^;
and... March 19th is my birthday...!!! 
I will be 2* years old!!!!! ^^; damn...Sadly, I'm still a pervert as always... maybe worsen then before... orz
I hope I can draw more better, especially for Nyx. =)
Since I begin working in my true life, I don't know if I can make games again or not... but please support my works jaaaa. I will do my best.

Thanks very much to everyone. =)
Please wait for my next works.


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acritarchman Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Thank you for the fav, moai666Hug , glad you like it!! (and sorry for the terrible delay... too much busy recently CURSE YOU! ) 
moai666 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome =)
Gabrieleon Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017
 Hai moai~ I just need the music for the SSE and SS series (MUSICPLZ) (ifthisisonmp3itmightdo) Like: The title screen, The battle with Illusion and Shadow The battle with Abaddon and Cray The dungeon, The battle with Lucifer etc. plz and thxs!! (hopeyoureply;u; )) 

moai666 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry. But I can't give those musics... they are created by my brother for my game...
Gabrieleon Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017
;-; I see.... I really understand
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi Moai long time no see and may I ask you something; I know it's non of my business but I just want to hear your yes or no answer that's all.

Do you like to join in :iconthe-fast-soul: and add your OC(s) (from Summoner saga) to my "Fast Soul Team" list:… So I'll be the one to show your OC character to both :iconryuhoshi-deadcrow: and :iconshinkenmaster: so they can soon turn your OC into a new playable sprite Character (which you all ready made your character into one) of his video game project "The Fast Soul". And in addition if you and your OC are part of my Fast Soul Team" list, I'll also add your very own folder (that has your name and OC's name on it) in both "GALLERY" and "FAVOURITES".

And will you also help out with my friend's game project. I just want to hear your yes or no answer also

And P.S. Happy (late) Birthday Moai :party::cake:
moai666 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for your information.
But... I'm sorry jaas. ^^; my answe is No thanks...
I want to focus on my job and draw what I want to draw.
Once agan thanks for your information.
KambalPinoy Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Actually it's okay I understand I mean like I said "I just want to hear your yes or no answer" and since your answer is no I understand so thanks for answering me and sorry for bothering you

And by the way, you're welcome and good luck with your drawings and job. And great job with those Summoner Saga flash games :) And also Happy Birthday
moai666 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea =) thanks very much jaaaaaa.
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FalseBlank Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, I was busy during March.

anyway I hope a happy late birthday makes up for it.

Now onto business, specifically I like your drawing style

I'd like to commission you to draw a picture of my OC Daniella(which is also my female name) who looks like this…

and my OC/Dream boyfriend Sophronios (you may need to look at both pictures of him cause I messed up his head on the full scale image)…… (The gray line on the neck looking area is his mouth.

And I'd like you to draw them kissing in your art style, also 5 extra dollars if you can draw better representations of them.

I can pay you on wensday and the amount I'm willing to pay is around 35 dollars max.(I only get paid 50$ a week and can only spend it if someone does me a service)

So what do you say? you in?
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